We Buy Gold Los Angeles

We Buy Gold Los Angeles is a program offered by pawn shops and gold distributors. Through the program, clients bring their gold jewelry to the potential buyer to establish a value of the gold. The cash for gold based programs allow clients to sell any items constructed of gold that they no longer wish to keep for a cash amount.

How Does It Work?

The program allows anyone to bring in gold-based items into a pawn shop or distribution center. Some options allow you to mail the items into the companies. A representative establishes the cash value by the total weight of the gold itself. Items which also consist of diamonds the value is significantly higher.

The Offer

The representative makes an offer to the client based on the established value. The client has the opportunity to accept the offer or leave with their items. Clients who accept the offer receive cash directly in the amount of the offer.

Pawn Shops

Pawn shops may require additional steps to complete this process. They often take broken or misshapen jewelry items. The price for these items established only by the allotted value of the item if it were melted down into pure gold. A pawn broker presents an offer to purchase the item from the client based upon this value. Pico Union Pawn Shop is one of these pawn shops that buys gold in Los Angeles.

Diamond and Gem Stone Jewelry

Jewelry and other items that are in great condition are purchased by a pawn broker. The value allotted for these items is based upon the cash value of the jewelry item. Items with diamonds and other gem stones are purchased at higher prices than gold items. Pawn brokers have the opportunity to pay more for these items based on current demand for diamond or gem stone jewelry.

Where to Sell Your Gold

Pico Union Pawn Shop has a staff of pawn brokers who are ready to assist you in selling your gold and diamond jewelry items and more. They will offer you the best price for these items based on the market value of your jewelry and gold selections.

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