The Top Five Cigar-Smoking Movie Heroes

13949086_lAsk anyone whether cigars are manly and they’re sure to come up with the same reaction – “Tony Montana thought so.”  It seems, if it’s good enough for Al Pacino in Scarface, then the stamp of manliness is assured on the humble cigar.  From Splitarillo Cigars to handmade Camacho Tripe Maduro cigars, the cigar has its place in cinema, and its place as a manly accessory in everyday life.  Here’s our top list of macho movie heroes who have been known to be seen with a stogie.

#1. Tony Montana, Scarface

One of Al Pacino’s most famous roles, who could fail to love the effortlessly charming yet downright scary character of Tony Montana.  Seen throughout the film enjoying the finest Cuban cigars, Tony Montana helped the cigar to be seen as a symbol of manly strength, and sales of Cuban cigars rose after the film’s release!

#2. Wolverine, X-Men

Hugh Jackman’s character was the most popular of the X-Men with women worldwide, and it’s easy to see why.  With Jackman’s chiseled good looks, Australian accent and enviable physique, we all wished we were a little more like Wolverine.  Hiding out in dark corners puffing away mysteriously on a cigar didn’t do his image any harm either, if anything it added to his charm!

#3. Rhett Butler, Gone with the Wind

1939’s Gone with the Wind may be considered a classic today, but its success lay on the film’s two stars, the beautiful Vivien Leigh and the enigmatic and charismatic Clark Gable.  As Rhett Butler, Gable exuded charm, control and masculinity, aided in part by his regular smoking of the finest cigars, causing women everywhere to fall at his feet.

#4. Gomez Addams, The Addams Family

Whilst not technically a movie, the original Addams Family TV series was most memorable because of Gomez Addams.  Played by John Astin, Gomez was known for his cigar smoking and regular stroking of his ‘cara mia,’ Morticia, who seemed utterly oblivious to his masculine charms at times.  The cigar smoking definitely helped Gomez to become popular with viewers worldwide!

#5. Max Cady, Cape Fear

Robert de Niro’s unforgettable character in Cape Fear gave many of us sleepless nights for months, and somehow this maniacal loon came across as even more imposing thanks to the huge cigar he was smoking constantly in the movie – a Casa Blanca Half Jerboam measuring five inches with a 66 ring gauge!

From Splitarillo Cigars to Black and Mild, the finest Cubans to Dutch Masters, cigars will always have a place in the movies, giving our favorite gangsters that extra edge or portraying a cool, calm exterior in westerns.

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