The Importance Of Generator Preventative Maintenance

Regardless of if you have a small and portable machine or if you have a large diesel powered machine, you need routine generator maintenance. This is because your generator is what you would use during an emergency or as a backup power supply. Most people would never use their generator or even turn it on unless there was an emergency. Finding out that your generator does not work during an emergency situation when you need it would be extremely inconvenient. Getting routine generator maintenance is crucial to making sure that your backup power supply works when you need it to.

While it might seem like an obvious task, one of the most important steps in maintaining a generator is simply keeping it clean. After all, what does your generator do? Chances are pretty good it is sitting in a dark basement untouched. Over time, it is only natural that dirt and debris would build up on it. If the dirt and debris makes their way into the exhaust of the generator and you tried to use it, it could damage the internal components and/or cause it to overheat. You just need a source of compressed air to thoroughly clean your generator pretty frequently if you want to prolong its lifespan. While you are cleaning it, it is important to make sure the air filter gets check too. Sometimes the air filter can be cleaned off and put back; other times the air filter needs to be thrown away and replaced.

Moisture can also cause a great deal of damage to your generator.  Experts are going to tell you that a generator should never be left somewhere that it would be easy for moisture to make its ways inside of them. Even when you do what you can to shield it from water and rain, moisture can still find its way into the fuel take. In order to keep this from becoming a problem, you just need to use your generator every once in a while. Experts suggest that running a generator of any size for at least two hours every month will prevent moisture from being able to build up. Contact Penco Electric for more information.

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