Creating the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Home and Garden, Shopping

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Color. That is probably one of the most important factors when you are deciding on the theme of your wedding. Most couples—or one half of the couple, at least—will have an idea of their dream wedding, complete with the colors of their choosing. There are literally thousands of color combinations that you can choose from when you are planning your wedding. You can have two colors, three colors or an abundance of psychedelics to adorn your big day. Nowadays the white wedding gown is still as vital to many planning a wedding but is not the focal point that it used to be. Other factors have now become the fashionable points of focus, such as themed weddings from eras gone by, colors, and designs.

White Red and Green is not just for Christmas

You can choose from a huge variety of blooms, such as tulips, dahlias, ranunculus, nerines, viburnum foliage, maiden-hair ferns and scabiosa to make up your perfect silk flower wedding bouquets. Smaller and more compact versions can be used for boutonnieres and corsages. This perfect blend of red flowers, white flowers and greenery offer a seasonal appearance, but can be used any time of year.

Here Comes the Sun

So, summer is coming, finally, and your wedding draws near. Sunny yellow flowers are one of the most common choices for summer wedding bouquets. You can use honeysuckle, golden peonies, marigolds, poppies, and roses to make up your summer sunshine wedding bouquet. The bouquet can be designed in a circular shape to emulate the shape of the sun and represent summer in its entirety. It gives you a chance to rethink roses as wedding flowers and not just the flowers of friendship and romance, but much more.

Something Old Something New, Something Borrowed…

…and something blue. Grape hyacinths are plump and blue and perfect for a blue bouquet. You can add a touch of lavender, mauve and purples to give an added dimension to your bouquet. One of the most difficult colors to grow in nature is blue. There are very few blue flowers, blue fruits and no blue vegetables whatsoever, so, in order to create a totally blue bouquet you might need to add a few embellishments.


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