Birthstone Jewelry in Moore, OK – The History of Birthstones

When trying to decide what to give someone as a birthday gift, a popular option is a piece of jewelry that has their birthstone set into it. There are many different items available, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pins, and the settings can be made from silver, gold, or platinum. Wearing jewelry that signifies a person’s birth is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. Each stone has a particular meaning, and some think that these stones have medicinal properties and can be used for healing many ailments.

Gemstones have been worn by people since ancient times, and many civilizations believed that gemstones held many powers, including healing powers and the power to guide people along their way in the afterlife. When buying birthstone jewelry in Moore, OK, it is interesting to learn about the various myths and legends surrounding these gems. For instance, many believe that mythical stones came from ancient Tibet. Of course, this is not something that one needs to know when choosing birthstone jewelry in Moore, OK, but it can make shopping even more fun.

Birthstone jewelry Moore OK has a rich history. It is said that the 12 birthstones people are familiar with today are named in the Old Testament, where it mentions the twelve tribes of Israel. Others believe in astrology, and feel that the gems represent the 12 signs of the zodiac. Others look at these gems as ayurvedic birthstones, which are said to date back to ancient Indian culture, and the stones are supposed to have healing effects.

Today, there are 12 gemstones that are commonly used. This list of stones was created in 1912 by the Jewelers of America, who wanted to create a standardized list. These gemstones are:

     *     January – Garnet

     *    February – Amethyst

     *    March – Aquamarine

     *    April – Diamond

     *    May – Emerald

     *    June – Alexandrite

     *    July – Ruby

     *    August – Peridot

     *    September – Sapphire

     *    October – Opal

     *    November – Topaz

     *    December – Tanzanite

Any time is a good time to buy birthstone jewelry in Moore, OK, and one doesn’t have to wait for a birthday or special occasion to surprise someone special.

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