Action Figures Can Promote A Love Of Stories

One of the great things about being a kid is the feeling that you can build on every story that you encounter, rather than sticking with what the author has given you. Kids love to take their favorite stories and characters and then not just play out what they already know, but try out alternate versions, play with different choices the characters could have made, and even present them with entirely different challenges. If you want to encourage this kind of love of storytelling and imagination in your kids, Lord Of The Rings Action Figures make a great present.

Lord Of The Rings Action Figures include the characters from the truly epic tale by J.R.R. Tolkien. Many kids only know about the storyline from the movies based on that trilogy and its prequel, The Hobbit, but the stories started out as a set of books. The thing that really sets this work apart from a lot of the other things on the market is the scale of the tale that it tells. It includes everything from the quiet moments of caring and loyalty between friends and companions up to epic battles involving entire armies. That really provides a lot for an imaginative kid to work with and focus on.

Kids also love Lord Of The Rings Action Figures because the stories offer such a wide variety of characters. You have Aragorn, the ranger who turns out to be a king, Gandalf the great wizard, a variety of agile elves and physically powerful dwarves, and the Hobbits themselves, who are a simpler people but also turn out to be the key to success. One of the biggest themes of the narrative is the way that a diverse group of people, who don’t initially trust one another, can come together to achieve something incredible.

If you buy Lord Of The Rings Action Figures for your kids, you’ll be giving them a chance to take this amazing tale and to turn it into something of their own. With a simple toy, you can give them a chance to really develop their appreciation for good storytelling, and for what bold and dedicated people can accomplish even when faced with virtually impossible odds.

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