A Well Organized Laundry Room Requires Shelving

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Furniture

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Laundry is a chore that is not looked forward to; however, if the laundry room goes through a transformation where it becomes neat, tidy and tranquil it can at least become an agreeable activity. Most accessories that are found in the laundry room can be classified in three categories:

  • Laundry room shelving and Storage accessories
  • Sorting and hanging
  • Decorative

Storage accessories are perhaps the primary laundry room accessory as they are what allow for effective space utilization and organization. Most laundry rooms have shelves, some are simple and open; others are closed with doors. It does not really matter if the shelves are floor mounted or hung from the wall, as long as they permit the homeowner to have easy access to the various detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Many people do prefer closed shelves though as they give the room a sense of order and tidiness.

When the laundry room shelving is hidden it normally is in the form of a free standing locker or wall hanging cabinets. Locker style cabinets are also suitable for the storage of the ironing board and clothes hampers. When the laundry items are hidden from view the room certainly leaves one with the impression of organization but it may prove to be expensive as it may be necessary to bring in a skilled installation technician.

Sorting, hanging and laundry room shelving are also important when organizing the laundry room. Hampers are used to collect and store dirty laundry until laundry day, a hamper with a number of different sections eliminates the need for sorting; there are hampers available that will allow the user to pre-sort the dirty clothes into delicates, dark and light, thus eliminating the need to do this on the day.

Hanging accessories are important in keeping the laundry area organized. There are folding racks that can be put in service on laundry day, there are also retractable clothes lines that can be easily installed and are a popular choice.

Last but not least for many homemakers are decorative accessories. A laundry room is an ideal place for decorative stencils on the wall and bulletin boards, as well as a fresh coat of cheerful colored paint. These accessories may not enhance the process but it makes the chore more pleasant.


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