All About Money Drawing Spells

by | Nov 5, 2013 | Shopping

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Simple witchcraft spells, also known as money drawing spells, often use supplies from places like White Magick Alchemy, and involve the use of oils, candles, and chanting to increase prosperity. There are spells to specifically ask for lottery winnings or even to find the way to pay a specific bill, but the simple spells are much more general. Some spells for money drawing require hard to find oils that you can find online at places like White Magick Alchemy, and lavender oil is of course readily available as well. In the simple spell below you will need seven pieces of money in different denominations and lavender oil to make the spell work for you.

You will want to sprinkle each piece of money with the lavender oil, then put it in a small cloth bag. You will want to carry the money around on your person for seven days, after sprinkling the bag itself with lavender oil as well. This is one of the simple money drawing spells, and has been known to work with the right witchcraft supplies. There are other spells out there of course, and the more advanced, and comfortable in the craft you are, the better you will be at creating your own spells.

Remember the Wiccan Rede when you are doing any type of Wiccan Magick and never do spells to hurt someone, or for personal gain. Being a Wiccan is not the same as being a witch stirring a cauldron and riding on a broomstick. There are even different kinds of Wiccans, just as there are different kinds of other religions.

If you are looking for the supplies for a money drawing spell, then the site listed above is a great place to find them. Since Wicca is not recognized in many places, you can be assured that the site is discreet and your information will not be shared.

Wiccans have been around for centuries and commune with nature as well as using spells and the magic that is all around everyone every day. Everyone is magic, they just need to know how to tap into it, just as Wiccans learn every day as well.

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