12 Tips on How to Dress for Brunch

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Shopping

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Most people can put together an outfit for a dressy dinner date, and figuring out what to wear to lunch isn’t terribly difficult. However, brunch is one of those awkward times when even the trendiest fashionistas may struggle to find just the right balance of dressy and casual. Here are 12 hot tips to help you put together an outfit for the next time you are invited to brunch.

1. The casual-dressy balance
Want to hear the secret to putting together the perfect outfit for brunch? Choose an ensemble that features pieces from your dress-up stash and your casual clothes. Pair distressed jeans with a nicer top and a crisp blazer, or choose a dressy skirt and top with more casual accessories and jewelry.

2. Florals are in!
Unless your brunch date is in the dead of winter, you can’t go wrong choosing a floral theme for your outfit. Even in winter, you can accessorize your ensemble with a flowered handbag or headband.

3. Twirly skirts.
Flowy, twirly skirts are perfect for brunch. Choose a longer, fuller cut for a vintage feel or wear a knit maxi skirt for a more trendy style.

4. Jackets, shrugs, and sweaters!
For much of the year, mornings can be cool. However, when the sun rises higher, you may get hot if your outfit is inappropriate. Solve this problem by using jackets, sweaters, and shrugs that can be removed, as the day grows warm.

5. Choose one eye-catching accessory.
Brunch is early in the day, so you don’t want to be overdressed. Choose one chunky necklace, a blingy headband, or a large, flashy handbag and let that accessory set the tone for your outfit.

6. Let down your hair.
Save the up-dos for evening engagements. Let your hair down to help you feel relaxed and casual.

7. Soft and feminine.
Now is the time to pull out the soft, flowy fabrics in your closet. Gauzy skirts, chiffon blouses, and ruffled waistlines are great choices for this early morning meal.

8. Take it from morning to night.
If you have a busy day planned and you won’t have time to head home, plan your outfit so that it can be dressed up for evening. A change of shoes, a bun in your hair, and the addition of some eye-catching jewelry can take your outfit from morning wear to eveningwear.

9. Don’t forget the handbag.
Every fashionista coordinates her handbag with her outfit. Leave your overstuffed, every-day tote at home, and tuck the essentials inside a classy, stylish bag.

10. Add a pop of color.
Of course, most of your outfit should coordinate well, but wearing one color from head to toe can be a little dull. Add a few pops of a different color in your earrings, belt, and shoes to make your brunch outfit brighter and more interesting.

11. Select the perfect shoes.
Don’t ruin your look by wearing comfy but boring flats. Right now, chunky heels are out and more feminine, delicate looks are in.

12. Find some vintage inspiration.
Vintage styles are hot in fashion right now, so add a blast from the past by mimicking the classic looks of the 1940s to 1960s. Even a small touch, like a pencil skirt, antique jewelry piece, or a quirky hat can set you apart from the crowd.

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