Photographers Can Create Winter in Summer with Artificial Snow Powder

by | Nov 4, 2014 | Shopping

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Are you a photographer who would like to offer more options to your customers? Do you live in an area with little to no snowfall but would like to create a snowfall background for family or children’s photography? Did you know that artificial snow powder gives you the realistic snowfall that you need to create beautiful, wintry photographs? Many photographers are so impressed with the look and feel of artificial snow that they buy it in bulk so they can offer a winter photo shoot at any time of the year.

With instant snow, you can take winter photos in the summertime and have the photographs back in time for your clients to choose holiday cards and send the photos out to family and friends as gifts. With SnoWonder, you don’t have to wait for the first snowfall to take winter photos.

Use Artificial Snow Powder in a Variety of Ways

There are two main ways you can use artificial fake snow powder in photographs. The first way is expanding the snow powder on the ground and taking photographs of people sitting or playing in the snow. The second way is buying a blower machine and snow solution to create the snowfall effect that looks ethereal in winter photographs. You can also combine the two for some photos, giving your clients a ton of options for winter photos.

Shoot Winter Photos Early and Increase Business

Many families don’t think about taking holiday photos until the time gets closer. All of a sudden, everyone’s in a time crunch and people are calling you daily to see if you’ll have their pictures ready in time for the holidays. To avoid the holiday rush, advertise winter pictures in the summer and fall, allowing families the opportunity to get their pictures early. With artificial snow powder, you can create almost any type of winter photo that will look just as realistic as if you shot the photos in the first snowfall. Fake snow is also perfect for when you want to do a snow shoot in the winter but the weather won’t cooperate with a real snowfall. Keeping some artificial snow on hand will ensure you can always give your customers what they want.

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