Where To Get Cash For Gold In Jacksonville, FL

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Jewelry

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Putting a little extra cash in your pocket can be great when you want to spend some money on yourself or someone special. Most people don’t realize that they have the ability to get this extra cash sitting right at their home. If you have an old jewelry box that is full of things you don’t wear any more, then you need to go through it and see what is real gold.

Every type of gold from 10k to 24k is worth cash, so you can take it to a pawn shop or a jeweler in your area to get cash for gold in Jacksonville, FL. They will weigh out your item and tell you how much they will pay you for it. Jewelers often provide a fair price for gold as they deal with gold and other jewelry on a regular basis.

You might be thinking that the only jewelry you have is old, broken pieces that have ruined clasps or scratched surfaces, but it does not matter. Gold can be melted down and used inside computers or made into new jewelry, which is why it will always retain its value –even if it is broken or damaged.

If you have several items that are 24k gold, then you are looking at quite a bit of cash. The 24k variety of gold is the most valuable, because it is considered the purest form of gold available. Some pawn shops will even buy silver or diamonds if you have other accessories that you want to try and sell. Be sure to check through your old jewelry box if you are looking for an easy way to put some quick cash in your pocket.

If you are looking for a place that offers cash for gold in Jacksonville, FL, then you should check out Premier Jewelers. Premier Jewelers buys gold at a fair price and pays cash when you visit as they are one of the most popular cash for gold locations in Jacksonville, FL. An experienced, quality jewelry store, such as Premier Jewelers, will understand and recognize the value of your items and offer you what they are worth.

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