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What to Consider When Picking Your First Dance Leotard Dress?

Most gymnasts and dancers have different leotard dresses for different dances and audiences. This is normal if you already knew the type of leotard dress that fits you. However, if you are a newbie, you should consider these tips as you choose your first dance leotards for girls.

The Style

For the style, you can choose between a short sleeve or a long sleeve leotard. If you don’t find it too hot to wear a long sleeve leotard, then go for it. Still, you should ask your trainer for the right style of the leotard to have or choose it based on the routine that you are practicing.

The Design or Cut

For the cut, you can choose between a camisole, a scoop neck, or a tank leotard. The difference between these leotards has something to do with the neckline and how deep the neckline is.

You can also consider a leotard with low back or full back depending on your level of comfort while doing your routine.

Your Comfort

Your movement will depend on how comfortable you are with what you are wearing. Try to do basic movements to test if you are comfortable with your leotard. Bend and touch your toes or kick your legs. This will also test the fabric of your leotard. If it is made of good material, it shouldn’t sag after doing a few bends and kicks.

Finding dance leotards for girls is not hard as long as you know what you are looking for. If it is your first time to purchase your own, ask some experts for advice. It is best to ask your teacher about what she can recommend for you.

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