What are Breast Cancer Bras?

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Shopping

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After a mastectomy it can be a challenge to find bras, swimsuits and even tops which fit comfortably and correctly. It is not as easy as buying a basic bra off the shelf and inserting a breast prosthesis. The key to a comfortable and secure fit are breast cancer bras made specifically for women who have had surgery.

Mastectomy bras are made to specifically hold a prosthesis in place without slipping. It enables wearers to have the shape the want without worry of a pad falling out or looking lumpy. A pocket is available in each cup to secure your prosthetic pad in to prevent any slippage. Because there is a pocket on each side, they work for every woman despite which breast she has had removed.

On the outside these bras look and feel like any other bra. They come in as many styles and colors and are made from a variety of materials. If you decide to have reconstruction surgery later on you can continue to wear the bra if you choose.

Additional clothing options can also be found including tank tops and swimsuits. These items also include pockets inside the material to allow a prosthetic breast to be slipped in. With these items you can be bra free during hot weather, but still be confident your silhouette is natural.

Retailers which specialize in mastectomy products carry these items as well as many other clothing and accessory pieces. At shops like the Mastectomy Shop you will find breast cancer bras, swimsuits and much more.

All of the products from the shop are made of high quality, durable materials. Their pieces are made to be as beautiful as they are useful. They also have a wide array of breast and nipple forms in multiple shapes and sizes to match every woman’s body.

The site also carries chemo beanies, various pink ribbon gifts and even travel cases to store your breast forms safely.

Recovery will always be easier when you have the products you need to keep you comfortable. Do not “make-do” with generic retail items when specialized products exist. Maternity bras and tops can help to rebuild confidence while keeping the wearer comfortable at the same time.

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