Ward Off Chills By Wearing a Long Sleeve Banded Bottom Top

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Shopping

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Don’t put away all of those winter clothes just yet! Even though summer will be here before you know it, you have to get through spring first. For some parts of the country, that means cool rainy days. Whether you wear it for work or for leisure, a long sleeve banded bottom top with a pair of slacks or jeans makes a good outfit for the cool, windy days of spring.

Keeping the Wind Out

When you’re going out on a blustery day, blouses or shirts with loose bottoms can allow the wind to sneak up your blouse and bring out the goose bumps. The ends of your blouse could go flying up when it is windy and expose more of your not-quite-ready-for-bikini-season midriff that you want others to see. However, if your top has a banded bottom, that is less likely to happen.

A band at the bottom of your blouse will help it stay in place even with the wind buffeting you about on a cloudy day. It can also help keep your blouse in place when you’re reaching up high on a shelf to drag down a book. If you are a more modest person, you won’t have to worry about your shirt riding up and exposing your skin when you wear a long sleeve banded bottom top.

Stay Warm Not Hot

Even though you may want to wear something that will help keep the chill away, your banded bottom top needn’t be made out of material that will roast you on a pleasant day. A top made from a lightweight fleece or knit will help keep you cozy when the clouds cover the sky and the wind blows cool air from the north.

The bands at the bottom of the long sleeves will also help keep you warm as the cuffs surround your wrists, keeping any cool air out. A long sleeve banded bottom top is the best top to wear during the cooler weather of late winter and early spring. It will help keep the chill away without smothering you, and it will keep the wind from sneaking up your sleeves or the bottom edge of the blouse.

Functional Fashion

While a top with a banded bottom may not be fashion forward enough to make the runways of Paris or even Peoria, it is a functional top that will serve its purpose to keep you warm on a chilly day. Your top may be best suited for a casual day with jeans or slacks, which you can wear on your next shopping trip. Select a color and a fabric you like when you spot the perfect banded bottom top for your causal clothing collection.

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