Tips for Selecting Quilt Patterns in Canada

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Online Shopping, Shopping

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Putting together a quilt can be a wonderful experience. You get to design something special, whether for personal use or as a gift. Before you even get started, however, you will need to think about quilt patterns in Canada. Choosing the right pattern for your purpose will take some forethought to ensure the project ends the way you envision.

Consider the Theme

Regardless of why you are making a quilt, there is a purpose. Do you want something to complement the decor in your own bedroom? Is it a baby gift for that new member of the family? Is it a wedding gift for your best friend and their new spouse? The purpose of the gift can help you select the right quilt patterns in Canada to portray the look and feel you want. Once you know the purpose, you will be able to more easily choose the correct pattern.

Think About Colors

While many quilt patterns in Canada will already demand certain colors, it is easy to replace them as you see fit. If you are aware of the decor of the room the quilt will be used in, consider this as you select the right colors and patterns in the fabric. If it is a baby gift, for instance, choose softer pastel colors that go well with the nursery theme. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the designated colors on the pattern itself if they work well together.

Check the Size of the Quilt

Some patterns are easier to adjust for size than others. Before you buy, however, it’s important to make sure the pattern you are choosing is either designed for the size you wish to make or can easily be converted. You don’t want to purchase a pattern you won’t be able to use for its intended purpose, even though many quilters can find a way, regardless of the pattern. If you are inexperienced, it’s best to choose one already meant for the size you will create.

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