Three Tips for Choosing Standout Long Sleeve Leotards for Girls

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Clothing

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Are you the coach of a girls’ gymnastic team? If you are, you know how important it is to have a collection of leotards for team members to use for various competitions throughout the season. If you want each of your team members to wear a girls long sleeve leotard, you can certainly find some that will fit the character and tone of your team. Look at three tips for finding long sleeve leotards that will help your team members stand out in every competition.

Interesting Details

A unique girls long sleeve leotard has interesting details. One leotard may have a scattering of crystals in its design. Another one has neckline trim in a color that complements a different shade in the leotard’s design. These details can be subtle or really stand out under the lights during a competition.

An Attention-Getting Color

Royal purple, light blue, bright red and hot pink are just a few of the colors available for a girls long sleeve leotard. In short, your team can garner even more attention by choosing leotards in a notable color that sparkles as each team member moves through her routine. Some coaches like to go with the official colors of their school or organization while others select a color loved by every member on the team. The best part is there are plenty of color options to consider.

A Fun Design

Another way to help your team stand out is to choose leotards with a fun design of zigzags, crisscrossing lines, letters and more. A leotard with a fun design gives a team a unique look that judges and the audience will appreciate.

Lastly, these are just three tips for selecting standout leotards for your team. Hair accessories, shoes and jackets can also be used by your team to create a positive impression.

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