The Best Tasting E Cig Liquid Flavors

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Shopping

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Unsure of what eJuice you should try next? Consider one of these popular flavors from the top quality eJuice geniuses at Nicoticket: Peanut Butter & Jelly (Home Slice), Apricot Ambition, Crème Brulee, and CLS (Custard’s Last Stand).

Home Slice

Ah, PB&J, whether you faithfully pack a sandwich every day for work or snack on one and wash it down with a glass of milk before bedtime, the combined flavors of peanut butter and jelly never disappoint. Nicoticket’s eJuice, Home Slice, delivers this same peanut butter and jelly experience without needing to dig the bread out of the cabinet or dirty a butter knife.

You may want to pour yourself a glass of milk though because Nicoticket’s Home Slice is packed full of the same authentic peanut butter flavor found in our Peanut Butter Cookie blend. On second thought, you might want to make that two glasses of milk.

Apricot Ambition

Attaining the perfect blend between sweet and tart is definitely a challenge, but we succeeded with Apricot Ambition. The amount of work we put into this eJuice really shines through in the flavor, which is why it’s a fan favorite in the Nicoticket vaping community. The taste falls somewhere on the flavor spectrum between a sweet, juicy peach and a plump, tarty plum. Just like all of our best eCig liquid flavors at Nicoticket, Apricot Ambition is 99.7% pure nicotine derived from U.S.-grown tobacco that is 100% American.

Nicoticket’s Crème Brulee

Our Crème Brulee is delicious right out of the box but it definitely gets better with time. Steep this juice for an extra 14 days or so and you’ll be craving a bottle of wine to pair with this sweet, classy, flavorful vape. Bystanders who catch a whiff of this flavor will look around expecting a waiter to give you tableside service as you vape this awesome flavor. This vapor’s flavor is delicious yet difficult to describe and has acquired a few different nicknames since its inception: Crème Catalana, Burnt, and Trinity Crème. Regardless of what name you give it, make sure to order ahead so you can give this flavor some time to steep for a great

Custard’s Last Stand from Nicoticket

Tired of wiping egg off your face with other custard vapes? Nicoticket’s Custard’s Last Stand has got you covered, but not covered in egg. We use a generous amount of vanilla bean extract in our custard. We know that overemphasizing yolk and egg white flavors isn’t very inviting, so we were careful not to go overboard with it. This eJuice is thick and creamy, just the way custard should be.

We consider this an all day vape but don’t be too eager. This vape is best enjoyed after a 14 day steep.

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