The Basics of Soy Formulas

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Health

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Soy infant formulas are a vegetarian alternative to milk based products. Soy provides a different type of protein than milk proteins. On the average, most infants are able to tolerate milk based formulas just fine. In some instances, Pediatricians will recommend the soy products. Soy formulas do contain the same nutrients that are found in milk based products, with the exception milk protein and lactose. Lactose is found in cow’s milk and is considered to be a sugar. Soy infant formulas contain important nutrients such as DHA and ARA which offer support for eye and brain function the same as in milk based products.

Soy is Easy to Digest

Over the centuries, people have used soybeans which are rich in protein within their dietary regimens. Soy formula is lactose free and contains soy protein isolate nutrients that are easily digestible. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) conducted several clinical trials on soy infant formulas. Results showed normal documented growth in infants. Additionally, the average energy intakes for babies who were fed soy were comparable to those that were achieved with milk based formulas.

Now there are lactose free and hypoallergenic alternative formulas on the market today. Sometimes infants who have an allergic reaction to milk based products could also have an allergy to soy based products. Science Daily performed a study that showed soy products contain soy isoflavones that aid in decreasing the potential of Rotavirus Infections, which is one of the main causes of diarrhea in infants. Soy formulas were at one time the main alternative for infants who were lactose intolerant. Today, there are more options available.

Utilizing a soy protein source, infants will develop and grow just as well as infants who are brought up on milk based products. Soy protein isolates offer what is nutritionally necessary. For more than three decades, there has been an increase in parents purchasing store brand formulas over national name brand formulas. These products can provide up savings into the hundreds of dollars yearly for families. Families who follow strict vegan diet regimens use soy formulas for their infants.

When it comes to getting your baby the best formula possible, it is not required to spend more than needed. There are amazing store brands that offer versatility and nutritionally sound options. Many parents are choosing to go with soy options for their babies as more and more children are showing signs of lactose intolerance and food allergies.

Parent’s Choice is FDA certified with their focus on compliance and food safety both domestically and internationally. It is an exclusive store brand for Wal-Mart, and Parent’s Choice manufactures organic formulas including organic soy infant formulas. The facility is located in Vermont and is always in compliance with USDA regulations and holds a high standard of commitment to the production of quality.

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