Start appliance DIY repairs with the help of appliance components dealers

by | Sep 12, 2012 | Electronics

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All appliances, major and small, are designed to be sturdy and built to last. Oftentimes, we feel terribly lost when our ever-reliable household appliance start to malfunction and eventually bog down. Getting the repair job done right is not an option, but the only choice you need to make to save on money and time costs. The good news is there are repairs that any average American can undertake successfully, but there are repairs that need a whole lot of skill and expertise only found in professional appliance repair servicemen. For home repairs, the DIY person should have the right tools, and, more importantly, have access to compatible, if not, authentic appliance parts in New London CT to do a successful repair project. You can source appliance parts from appliance service centers, appliance-repair dealers and appliance-parts stores in Connecticut.

Warranty always first

If you’re lucky enough, your appliance might break down during its warranty period. If the malfunctioning appliance is still covered by warranty, then you should stop any attempt at repairs, and immediately contact your appliance dealer or directly contact the manufacturer.

Power supply concerns

As with all undertakings, you should proceed with caution and utilize critical thinking. First, you should the instruction manual so your troubleshooting will be guided. More often than not, the logical system of circuits and components are displayed on the manual for your reference. Use that to rule out malfunctioning components. If the manual is mislaid or destroyed, you may request one from the manufacturer. For most appliances operating on electricity, you need to check your electrical outlet and the appliance’s power cord and plug.  These are easily replaceable. Also, check for blown fuses to be replaced and tripped circuits to be reset. Appliance parts service centers in New London CT will have a huge stock of common and rare parts, and may give you advice in doing the repair.

Disassembling your appliances

Before attempting to test, manipulate and repair your appliance, turn it off and remove the plug from the outlet. If you’re repairing the stove, make sure gas supply is disconnected too. During the course of the repair, always disconnect before re-adjusting. Take note of the screws, bolts, plugs and other fasteners while disassembling. However, if the appliance is held together by rivets and welds, don’t attempt to do repairs. Call a professional appliance serviceman instead.

Finding the problem

Most major appliances are complex, involving a system of different components. For instance in a tumble dryer, the mechanical component turns the drum, while a control system involving the thermostat, controls the heating component. Observing and judging the problems is key to identify the problematic appliance parts.

Specific Components

Malfunctions can happen externally or internally; and appliance parts dealers in New London CT can provide you anything from fans to capacitors to motors for your DIY project. For heating appliances like toasters, and oven toasters the problem may be in the fuse, switches, heating wires, thermostat and solenoid. In addition to these, a coffee maker carries a warming element that can be worn out because of constant use. Similar heating appliances include clothing irons, deep fryers, rice cookers, and indoor grills. Other appliances will not have a heating component, but have a motor component, which converts electricity to circular motion. Motor appliances include food mixers, egg beaters, knife sharpeners, shavers and humidifiers. Aside from the motor, rheostats, and timing mechanisms might malfunction. The rheostat or pot (potentiometer) is a variable controller seen in blenders. The basic principles still apply in major appliances, but you will be dealing with more switches, wires, basic and advanced components. For instance, air conditioners may have busted capacitors, while stoves and ovens have problematic pilot lights and thermocouples.

Professional help

If after several tries, the repair does not succeed. It’s definitely time to call professional appliance repairmen to lower risks and prevent accidents from occurring.

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