Securely Positioning Your Sticks for Cookies, Candies, and More

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Shopping

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Most foods that you can make that can be put on a stick are easy to hold and usually a bit more fun to eat. If you have a few lollipop sticks, you can make your own cookie or cake pops as well as a few chocolate creations in only a few steps. Before making your treats, you need to make sure you have all of the ingredients ready and any molds you’re using coated so that the products don’t stick.

Holding Cookies
Cookies on a stick are a fun treat that you can make. Start with chilled cookie dough so that it’s easier to roll out. Once you get the shape that you want, place the stick inside the dough. Try to get your dough a little thicker than what you would usually make so that the stick will stay in place. Bake the cookies with the stick in them, decorating them once they have cooled.

A Little Cake on a Stick
When you’re making cake pops, you’ll use a similar technique with the lollipop sticks. Shape your cake into a small ball before inserting the stick. Let the cake pop stand in a tray for about 30 minutes so that it becomes stiff. You can then hold the stick to dip the cake into melted chocolate or frosting before adding other details. After the cake pops are decorated, position the sticks in a box or another material to hold them in place while arranging them in the design that you want, such as a bouquet. The stick makes it easier for the cake pops to stand up instead of laying them down and ruining the details that you’ve made on them. If you’re making lollipops, you want to insert the stick in the candy a few minutes after it’s been in the mold so that it doesn’t move around while the candy hardens.

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