Points to Consider while buying Laptops/ Desktops/ Computer Accessories

by | Jul 28, 2010 | Electronics

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Are you planning to purchase laptops/ desktops/ computer accessories? The decision of purchasing laptops/ desktops/ computer accessories is based on the requirement and the purpose it is needed for. Therefore, it is needed that you plan beforehand as to how will you benefit by buying this modern devices.

Laptops/ Desktops/ Computer Accessories for students

Students should ideally purchase desktop computers. You can also opt for the new and economically viable option of Netbooks. They are compact in size and are rather affordable in nature compared to laptops. However, these devices have small screens and are not suitable for a gaming experience.

Students can also consider purchasing the 13-inch compact and lightweight laptop which is perfect for writing papers and research work. These laptops have dual-core CPUs along with optical drives and prove useful for rendering videos. If you are a student then following is a list of the pre-requisites that you should look for while purchasing laptops or desktops PCs.

  • 1 GB of RAM

  • 160 GB

  • 13 inch display

Traveling Businessman

Businessmen who usually travel a lot should purchase portable and user-friendly laptops. Moreover, you should have an optimum security system to protect your business data. Therefore, you require security and management tools to secure your data. Brands such as Lenovo and Dell usually offer additional security features along with the laptops. Configuration to look for:

  • 2 GB RAM

  • 160 GB HDD

  • Windows Vista Professional


Several people purchase Laptops/ Desktops/ Computer Accessories for gaming purposes. They are one of the most avid consumer groups and usually look for higher configurations. Desktop computers are apt for gaming. However, you can also consider purchasing the newly introduced gaming laptops. Faster components, better cooling and upgradeability are some of the factors to look for while purchasing a desktop or laptop for gaming purposes.

Configuration to look for:

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 320 GB HDD

  • Graphic card

Consider these factors and purchase efficient laptops/ desktops/ computer accessories.

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