Is It Bright Enough In Your Bedroom For You To Read In Bed?

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Electronics

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Many of us like to read in bed and continue doing so until almost the moment that we drop off to sleep. However, our easy to reach bedside lamp might not put out enough light for us to read easily while comfortably propped up against our pillows. Simple answer – leave the main lights switched on when we get into bed. Not so simple – we have to climb sleepily out of bed to switch them off again. (Not all of us have remote control buttons for everything in all our rooms).

This frustrating scenario gets worse the older we get, first there is the question of comfort – lying on your side holding a book below the lampshade does get harder as we age. There is also the problem that books these days simply do not open flat when held in one hand plus the annoying habit of printers making the type face smaller and the inks more gray than black; not to mention trendy magazine editors who like to print colors beneath the text! All in all, trying to read anything in bed is no longer fun for many of us.

Reading Glasses To The Rescue

As well as finding it difficult to continue our youthful bedtime habits, some of us find similar problems during daylight hours; has the print in the paper really got smaller and the ink fainter? Probably not; the problem is more likely to be in our aging eyes not being as sharp as they once used to be. Probably, we are not really in need of a full eye test and prescription lenses; but, maybe it would be a good idea to tryout some reading glasses? These need not be expensive and come in a range of magnifications from hardly any up to around a factor of 3. Get the right ones and the printed words will jump right out of the page once more – even in bed.

You Can See Again; But, What About The Lighting?

One way or another, we all must have come across LED lighting and have discovered how bright the light can be even from a very small source. So; what if LED technology could be built in to your magnifying spectacles? Actually, it can be done and companies like Panther Vision, LLC are actually selling Reading Glasses With Lights from their online store. No more awkward reading; just a good read before a sound sleep.

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