How to use gumpaste cutters in cake decorating

From creating beautiful flowers to laced edges, butterflies, and frills, there is no end to the decorative accents you can create just by using gumpaste cutters. These handy cake decorating tools are everything you need to make lovely accents on your cake that take it from blah to simply stunning. If you are new to cake decorating and wondering how to use gumpaste cutters in your cake decorating efforts, you can read on below for some helpful tips.

Get the right thickness of fondant

One of the main points of note when using gumpaste cutters is that you will want to have your fondant thickness just right. Your fondant should be flat and deep enough to cut but not too thick that the gumpaste cutters can’t go through to the other side. It is helpful to try to find a great fondant rolling pin which you can use to flatten out your fondant and roll it out evenly. This will allow you to get just the right thickness for your gumpaste cutters.

Cookie Cutters vs. Gumpaste cutters

Many people wonder if they can just use cookie cutters that they have on hand to cut their fondant into shapes. The quick answer is yes but there wouldn’t be as much detail if cookie cutters were used. This is because gumpaste cutters have been specifically made to create beautiful and lavish details in your fondant. Whether you are making small or large cakes, the precision you can achieve with gumpaste cutters is simply unmatched.

When you invest in gumpaste cutters, you will be creating beautifully carved fondant that makes your creations look simply exceptional. The results you get will be perfect for cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. Take the time to choose the best fondant and gumpaste cutters for your cake decorating needs.

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