How to Rock in Indie Clothing

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Clothing

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Indie clothing is a representation of an independent fashion style influenced by fashion from the 1940’s to 1970’s.It includes sweaters, cardigans, moccasins, platforms and gladiator shoes, sanuk shoes, Nike-dunks, and van authentic shoes.

The main colors that influence independent fashion are pink, blue, neon yellow, teal green, red and cobalt. Basically, if it is bright then it definitely works. There is a large variety of accessories and apparel on the market that you can mix up to make a fashion statement. Here are a few guidelines to achieve this look.

Tips on independent fashion

Since this is an independent fashion trend, one can practically match up anything they feel like. However, it is important to learn the basics so as to avoid being a fashion swindle.


The first step is getting in touch with color. Avoid dull clothes that make you look beaten or bored. You are allowed to play around with colors in your outfit.

You can match up a white top with that pair of green skinny jeans, accessorize with a nice pair of luminous blue platforms, and still look amazing.

Another tip to achieving an elegant indie style is pairing floral skirts with barefoot tights and a t-shirt. This will definitely earn you a mark in vintage fashion.

Peter Pan collared jackets and blouses are here to stay and are still trending. Pair up a Peter Panblouse with a perfectly fitting skirt and you are sure to achieve the indie look.

Pairing a vintage leather jacket with a pair of skinny jeans will make you look like a real indie fashion star.

Madras shirts that come in different colors are available and they too match up well with skinny jeans.

Beautiful old school cardigans that can be worn by both sexes are available. They can be matched up with t-shirts, pea coats and vests.

Available also are track jackets for men and women, scarves made of wool, linen and silk, and bandanas that make a fashion statement if you fold them nicely or tuck them in properly.

The internet is a great resource if you want to view more trends that are available on indie clothing, you want to change your style and try out the independent fashion or you want to know what indie is all about.

Even with the minimal rules you should still wear what makes you comfortable and happy.



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