How to Pay Less When You Buy Dinosaur Bone Rings

by | Dec 24, 2012 | Jewelry

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Picture yourself wearing a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is 150 million years old. It sounds impossible but if you purchase dinosaur bone rings, you will be wearing a piece of history. Dinosaur bone is also known as gem bone and this type of jewelry is a miracle of nature because the bone can be crafted into a wide range of pieces. Dinosaur bone rings have a glassy appearance that makes them look incredibly expensive and eye-catching. However, when you know how to buy dinosaur bone rings, you can find a unique piece for a bargain price.

Know What You Are Looking For

By knowing exactly what you want, you can walk into a jewelry store and buy dinosaur bone rings without being side-tracked by what else is on offer. Look in magazines or watch television to get an idea of the pieces that people are currently wearing. Cut out an image from a magazine and take this to a jeweler to try and find a similar piece. Alternatively, decide what colors you want. Dinosaur bone is a rainbow of colors that melt into one another, so be specific when shopping for rings and try to match those colors with silver or gold. Some recommended colors are pink and purple, blue and green, brown and red or orange and yellow.

Create a List of Reliable Jewelry Suppliers

The next step is to find a reliable jewelry supplier in the local area. Think about whether you want to shop online or on foot. Shopping online is much more convenient and you could save fuel costs when you visit the websites of well-established companies. Aim to create a list of at least 10 jewelry suppliers and with this information, perform some research to see if they are trustworthy. Remember that although you want to buy dinosaur bone rings that are affordable, you also want them to be long-lasting and well-made. Did the owner of the company create the rings with their own tools? How long has the company been in business? Does the company boast positive customer reviews?

Compare Prices

Now is the most important part – comparing prices. To make the decision easier when choosing a supplier of dinosaur bone rings, you should narrow down your list of reliable jewelry suppliers to at least five. Contact each company directly and ask them how much a basic ring would cost. Do you have an image in your mind of what you want the ring to look like? If so, ask a member of staff if they can give you a quote for a custom-made ring. Think about the quality of the item and the price to make your final decision.


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