How to Make the Right Choice When Purchasing a Necklace

by | Dec 16, 2016 | Jewelry

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You are faced with many difficult decisions during your lifetime and choosing the perfect necklace for your loved one is one of the most problematic. Get it right and you will be adored forever; make a serious error and the relationship may be in jeopardy, because they will believe you don’t know them. Understanding why a diamond heart necklace is a great choice for one individual does not mean it is perfect for everyone.

Necks Are Not All the Same

Should you wish to select a diamond heart necklace for your loved one, you will need to understand a little about the length and style, before entering the store to select the best model.

You need to gain a little knowledge about the individual and understand how they will probably wear a wonderful diamond heart necklace. Will it be alone or with other jewelry?

The look of a necklace will vary depending upon where it is placed, which mostly depends upon the length of the necklace. Where it is to be worn around the collar it will probably be between 12 and 14 inches. As a choker, you can add 2 inches. Wearing an opera style necklace means the length will be between 30 and 36 inches, whereas a full rope necklace will measure anywhere from 36 inches and upwards.

Is Your Diamond a Princess?

You may choose your heart-shaped necklace as a princess style. This sits nicely below the collarbone, can be worn for work and averages 18 inches in length.

As a matinee necklace of around 22 inches, the heart will sit above or around the center of the bust area. This is often chosen as an elegant piece of jewelry when layered with other jewelry, but you would probably expect a heart necklace to be worn alone.

This is a wonderful example of a romantic gift and when you make the perfect choice, first time, your partner will know that you understand them very well.

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