How to Help Your Kitty Litter Area Stay Fresh

No matter how attentive you are when it comes to your kitty litter area, odors can begin to overtake the room and spread throughout the house. Incorporating the use of super-absorbent pet pads for cat litter boxes will dramatically reduce the odors and extend the life of your litter. It’ll keep you and your cat happy.

What can help eliminate the odors of a kitty litter pan beyond using a high-quality litter? Using a pan with a removable tray allows you to line the bottom with absorbent cat litter pads that are easily disposed of when they need changing. It gives you a secondary way to help reduce and eliminate pet odors in your home. Each one fits nicely into the tray and is thick enough to absorb 24-hours a day.

Establishing a kitty litter setup that extends the life of your litter and reduces odor at the same time is what every cat lover wants. The liquid content to what your cat adds to the litter box can harbor odors that begin to permeate the entire home. Instead of looking at a more scientific formulated litter, simply switch to a litter box design that allows you to add the benefits of pet pads for absorption.

One great feature to using cat litter pads is the ability to switch the tray 180-degrees and extend the length of time it’s usable. Scooping out the litter and tossing away the pet pad is all you need to do to maintain a clean smelling area for your cat.

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