Hot Trends in Wedding Gowns in New Jersey

by | Apr 20, 2018 | Shopping

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If you have started to plan your wedding or you are at the point where you are ready to commit to your gown, you will want to consider the hottest trends in wedding gowns in New Jersey and other areas as you begin. For 2018, there are some very common themes appearing on the biggest runway shows, the top bridal fashion magazines and in weddings themselves.

According to some of the best sources, you will find that trends in wedding gowns in New Jersey include:

* Black accents – Slim velvet belts, tall and elegant gloves or bows and trims in black look amazing against the white of the gown and add a lot of visual impact

* Cascades of ruffles – Adding an amazing amount of femininity to any style, row upon row of ruffles are appear in more and more wedding gowns in New Jersey. These may be on a full skirt or on a high or low hemline and can add a tremendous amount of texture to any gown

* Corsets in sheer materials – Narrow waistlines are a common part of the wedding gown silhouette, but the sheer materials being used now add an amazing amount of sexiness and style. Paired with fitted or full skirts, it is an unforgettable look

* Gloves as a focal point – Whether you are using black, opera gloves or a pair of delicate cloves made to match or pair well with your dress, this trend is a great way to give your look a lot of detail and a totally unique finish

* Hints of blue – Really live up to that old rhyme about “something blue” when you choose a wedding gown that has hints of blue throughout. A pale blue underlay beneath a white lace overlay, or even the palest blue tulle in the skirt make a unique look

* Heavy beadwork – Beads as accents are quite common in wedding gowns, but this trend emphasizes head to toe beadwork that really stands out. Geometric patterns, vintage-inspired designs, or head toe beading that actually creates tonal changes in the color of the gown are emerging as a popular trend.

Dramatic silhouettes, embellishments made of pearls and bows as a focal point are also part of the hottest trends in wedding gowns in New Jersey, and whether your style runs traditional or trendy, you can find the widest array of choices at Azaria Bridal.

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