GTO Filtered Cigars: Enjoy a Top Contender

When it comes to little filter cigars it can be difficult to find one that smokes easy and has an absolutely great taste. Most of the time, a little cigar can be difficult to smoke and leaves loose tobacco on a cigar smoker’s lips or on their clothing while they are trying to smoke them. The GTO Filter Cigars have changed the world of little cigars. The pull from a filter cigar is much smoother and makes for a better smoking experience. However, the best part of smoking GTO’s is that fact that they cost much less than regular sized cigars without sacrificing the quality of smoking a full-bodied cigar.

The Triple Threat

Cigar smokers tend to like a variety of flavors. The beauty of smoking cigars over cigarettes is that there are many offerings of different flavors so there are many diverse options to satisfy discriminating taste buds. GTO filtered cigars come in three significant flavors that are meant to satiate the robust cravings of cigar smokers. The traditional tobacco flavor satiates the needs of most smokers. GTO also offers a Gold flavor that is reminiscent of light cigarettes. Such a mellow flavor offers a smooth smoke that is perfect after dinner, or whenever you want to experience some down time. GTO filtered cigars also come in Menthol flavor for a cool burst that makes taking a break a necessity.

The Cigar for the Modern Cigar Smoker

Sunshine Tobacco is the manufacturer of the GTO filtered cigars. They have focused on the modern cigar smoker that is looking for affordable cigars that are easy to carry with them wherever they may go. Being a leader in the little cigar market has allowed Sunshine Tobacco to focus on distributing high quality cigars that are made in America instead of being shipped in from overseas. Everything about them is focused on the discerning cigar smoker that requires a great cigar smoke with packaging that protects their cigars while being carried in a purse or pocket. With all of this in mind it is easy to see why consumers are purchasing GTO filtered cigars for a quick and easy smoke that does not compromise taste. Next time you get ready to purchase a filtered cigar, consider the cost, the taste and the overall quality. The GTO filtered cigar is a top contender that can give you everything your heart desires in a filtered cigar, allowing you to support your favorite pastime and hobby without breaking the bank.

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