Getting the Most Enjoyment Out of Your Antique Rugs

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Shopping

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So, you just purchased an antique rug. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your investment and truly enjoying your beautiful rug:

Learn More About It

Do you know when your rug was weaved? While that may not matter to you, learning more about when, where, and how your rug was created can give you a lot of insight into the care and keeping of your collector’s item – and some fun and interesting information to share with others as they marvel at its beauty.

Some types of craftsmanship may even add to the value of your rug. Many people highly prize Persian rugs and other eastern tapestries. Ask your rug retailer where your rug came from, when it was made and how it was created; of all this will give you some insight into your carpet’s story and give you even more reasons to treasure it.

Take Care of It

One of the great things about well-made antique rugs is that they don’t need a lot of special care. After all, they’re flooring – they were made to be walked on! Enjoy your rug the way it was made to be enjoyed, on the floor, underfoot, in the middle of your favorite room.

Do be sure to check your rug every so often for spots, tears, or thinning areas. If you see that any part of your carpet needs cleaning or restoration, see a Houston antique rug expert to have it done professionally. This will ensure that your rug lasts for many more
generations – and looks its best while doing it!

Show It Off!

Wouldn’t it be a shame for your rug’s original weaver have taken all that time to have created your beautiful piece of floor art only to have it stashed away in an attic or garage? Don’t let this happen to your rug! Display your piece proudly and enjoy your investment – everyone else surely will!

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