Flame Retardant Suits To The Rescue

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Shopping

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Safety is above all, the most important thing when exposed to fire in the workplace. Treat yourself or your employees to the best material around. While there are many options and different companies that produce fire-retardant coveralls, being informed about the material is a must. Knowing a couple of standards and codes are a quality assurance guideline. For example, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E is a code for electrical safety in the workplace and covers hazards such as shock and electrocution. Another code the NFPA provides is 2112; stating that manufacturers of flame-resistant garments offer protection from flash-fire exposure. MPE is a manufacturer of these flame retardant garments and covers both of those codes making the wearer of the garment feel rest assured that they are safe.

Be Able to Move When You Need to

When dealing with the possibility of a fire, it’s important to know that the fabric is safe but also light-weight enough to guarantee breathability and flexibility. Comfort in maneuvering tight spaces is another available option when choosing flame-retardant clothing. For example, working with electricity and wires needs protection but also the means to move quickly if something were to happen. Another worker that could be at risk to flames is anyone working in a lab with reactive chemicals. These coveralls are the forefront solution to an emergency situation.

Convenient and Safe

The coveralls that MPE offer a full protective layer of fire-resistance cotton. They come in assortment of colors and all different sizes. Along with a great fit, they have more than enough pockets and a velcro option to make it easy to take boots on and off. Comfort and safety are not comprised at such an affordable price. If it’s for your staff, take a look into bulk discount pricing. At an affordable cost these garments are so durable they can be re-worn many times until they have to be discarded, which reduces solid waste landfill.

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