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Solar technology has come a long way in terms of affordability and usability since the early days of the industry. The idea of getting your electricity from the sun is a wonderful one, as is simply the idea of not having to pay electric bills ever again.
An important, initial activity you must undertake before installing a solar system for your home or business is a thorough, comprehensive energy audit companies. We can assist you with this audit, or answer questions for you, if you need help. You must understand how much electricity you are using on a regular, consistent basis in order to order the appropriate size system. If you under-estimate the amount of electricity you use per day you will not have enough capacity to comfortably rely on solar electricity. If that happens, you will need to expand your system and also absorb the extra costs of doing so.

One of the easiest ways of calculating your energy usage is to create a spreadsheet with four columns: one column for the appliance’s name, one for its wattage usage and one column for how many minutes (approximately) it is used in a day. A device called a “Kill-o-Watt” can be invaluable here. You plug the Kill-o-Watt into the outlet, and then plug the appliance whose wattage you want to know, into the Kill-o-Watt. On plugging in the appliance, the Kill-o-Watt will display the wattage that is used by the appliance in various increments.

Now, walk around your home or business and note every, single electrical appliance you use. Use the Kill-o-Watt to determine its wattage. Enter the name and wattage on your spreadsheet. Also, estimate as best you can, for how many minutes is this appliance used in a day or in a week. Note that number as well.By calculating your overall wattage use on a daily and weekly basis, you will begin to see how much electricity or how many Kilowatts you are using regularly.

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