Diamonds: the king of all precious stones

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Jewelry

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Of all the precious stones you could use to make custom jewelry in Atlanta, diamonds are perhaps the most desired and high profile in the minds of people.  There are several reasons they are regarded so highly. The reasons are practical, chemical and aesthetic. The following is a list of the common reasons people like them so much.


Diamonds are very hard stones. It is only right that if one pays a lot of money for a precious gemstone, it should last a lifetime.  This is why many family ring diamonds survive to be passed down from one generation to the next, and naturally the longer they have been around, the higher their value. They are used to make important ornaments like wedding rings and necklaces, and they normally carry memories that people never want to let go of. In fact, according to science diamonds among the hardest substances that occurs naturally.


Diamonds naturally have a high clarity, and this makes them look beautiful on the outside. They have that extraordinary ability to capture and reflect light, making them stand out in the crowd. This is what gives them that sparkly and glittery look. They will immediately attract the eyes of onlookers at that high-end event or wedding. Almost everyone who wears or buys expensive jewelry does so to make them stand out. Diamonds are transparent stones which fall across a wide range of wavelengths of light, from ultra violet all the way to infrared. When they are cut, their clarity is reinforced making them even clearer and glitterier.


If you are looking to stand out then a diamond is the way to go. They come in many shapes, colors and can be cut into many different sizes. You can get that custom ring anyway you want, depending on the size, personal preferences and affordability. In many cases, white diamonds are the most common but for those looking for color variety; you can opt for the pink or a mixture of white and pink. Diamonds can also be natural or synthetic. A good jeweler will have all this available and in stock. Follow us on  Google+

Diamond choice is a very difficult one. Let us help you strike the balance between personal preference and expression. Call (404) 233-9841 today or visit the company website for more information.

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