Conchos on Western Purses Add to Their Overall Appeal

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Shopping

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Here at, we always love to see new western purses added to our line. Today, you don’t need to accessorize western handbags with solely western wear. You can add a “western” accessory to professional, everyday attire and any casual look as well.

Concho Accents

Our western purses and bags feature the studded trimmings and conchos that make the western style all the more appealing. Conchos, themselves, are decorative accessories often used by crafters of leather goods. Here at, we think concho accents add just the right touch to many of the western handbags that our site displays.

The traditional concho is typically silver and flat. Originating from Native American craftspeople, which were influenced by Spanish cultural themes, the cowgirl and cowboy accents were first hammered flat from silver and affixed to leather decorations and clothing. Conchos, today, are featured in a variety of sizes and shapes and are used for various purposes.

Added Customer Appeal

For example, besides Western type purses, conchos are added as accents to boots, gloves and even the covers of leather journals. The decorative additions are designed to be included on professional-grade PU leather and leathercraft materials to enhance their customer appeal.
The Differences between Conchos and Studs

Here at, we sometimes come across a customer who confuses the decorative concho with a stud. A stud, also referred to as a spot, is decorative like a concho but is a smaller and plainer version. A concho, by comparison, will always feature a symbol or logo shaped into the concho’s form.

Again, a stud, by comparison, is not as intricately crafted as a concho. Rather, the studs featured on our purses here at are used for aesthetic purposes or to enhance the looks of a single concho. Conchos that are featured on hand bags here at include slotted type conchos, copper finish styles and symbolic conchos, such as the bags featuring conchos with crosses in the center.

We also have conchos, from time to time, that depict etchings of the American Southwest. Conchos are exceptionally popular among Texas residents and enthusiasts of the Lone Star State. We definitely have to agree with that statement here at e-Best as we are based in the heart of Dallas.
Conchos come in star-shaped, heart-shaped and animal-shaped designs too – represented by such animals as the buffalo, horse or eagle. Texans, in particular, like conchos with long-horn steer designs. Some of the steer designs are set on oval or round conchos or conchos that are highlighted within five-pointed type stars.

As you can see, the concho definitely is an accent that adds to the look of western handbags and purses. We, at pride ourselves in offering the widest selection of handbags at the best prices in the U.S.

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