Collapsible and Pop Up Cones for Construction Site Safety

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Shopping

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Work zone safety is essential on traffic or construction sites. Construction crews on a highway project not only have to look out for heavy equipment hazards, but they have to be on the lookout for impatient drivers who are supposed to slow down in a work zone. Most folks are familiar with the large orange traffic cones meant to warn oncoming traffic of a hazard ahead so they can slow down. However the traditional are too large for most people to carry in their vehicles. That’s where collapsible safety cones come in. Storage space is minimized for these collapsible or pop up cones. Even if a driver runs over a cone, it is easily popped back to the original shape.

Emergency collapsible or pop up cones are recommended for inclusion in a roadside safety kit for any driver who may break down on the side of a road. The cones may be placed some distance from your disabled vehicle to warn oncoming traffic of a hazard ahead. These cones have the same dimensions as standard traffic cones, plus they are the same bright orange color combined with a reflective collar. These cones may also be called retractable cones or telescopic cones. You can order cones with LED lighting that needs a power supply of two triple-A batteries and extends visibility to 300 meters. There are also cones with an eight pounds base for extra stability.

In addition to collapsible or pop up cones, there are other items that can help with construction and traffic safety. Conventional reflective and non reflective cones can be purchased. There are also reflective cone collars available if you already have non reflective cones. You may also be interested in channeling traffic cones. These are designed for use in channeling or diverting traffic on streets and highways. They have a breakaway design for vehicle impacts and mounting holes at the top for warning lights or signs.

Other safety supplies include safety glasses, ear plugs, back supports, hard hats, dust masks, spotlights, traffic drums, road signs, reflective safety vests, and a whole lot more. Safety regulations are always being upgraded by the DOT and other regulatory agencies, so it is a good idea to stay ahead of the game with the latest safety products.

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