Choosing the Best Real Diamond Earrings

When it comes to getting ready for your day, nothing completes an outfit quite like a pair of real diamond earrings. Earrings come in dozens of different shapes and styles, each one perfect for a different occasion. They range anywhere from a simple, classic stud earring, to dangling earrings that go all the way down to your shoulders. Diamonds also come in a wide variety of styles, making the choice to wear diamond earrings that much more versatile.

Styles of Earrings
The most popular style of earring is also the simplest, the stud. If your real diamond earring is a stud style, it will small, simple, and appear to float on the earlobe. The stud is attached to a post that goes through the earlobe and is held in place by an earring back. The diamond is held in place by either simple prongs (3 or 4) or a bezel style (a simple circle). This style of earring is the most popular with diamonds, because it really lets the diamond take center stage. Drop earrings are another popular earring style. They range in size anywhere from less than an inch, to all the way down to your shoulders. Diamond drop earrings are found in a few different styles, typically either in a line or curved. The journey design, which has diamonds increasing in size the further down the earring you go, is one of the most popular styles. Hoops are another popular style of real diamond earrings. They vary widely in number, size, and setting, depending upon the style you prefer. Typically, diamonds are set either on the front half, or on both sides of the earring. One style of hoop, sometimes called a ‘huggie’ because it looks like it’s hugging the earlobe, are small thick hoops that can be set on the front half with diamonds.

Diamond Clarity and Carat Weight
When looking for real diamond earrings, the clarity and carat weight are very important. Clarity can be difficult to understand, so here is a brief rundown: FL/IF are the highest grades. They stand for flawless and internally flawless, which means there are absolutely no imperfections. This is grade is the most rare. The VVS1/VVS2 rating represents diamonds that have very few slight inclusions, that means there are imperfections, but they are difficult to see, including under 10x magnification. VS1/VS2 stands for very slightly included, which means imperfections are not typically visible when un-aided by magnification. SI1, SI1 stands for slightly included, which means the imperfections that are definitely visible under 10x magnification and sometimes even without magnification. I1, I2, I3 all mean included which means you will be able to typically see imperfections with the naked eye. I1 is the highest grade of this set, so you will have less chance seeing imperfections with this grade.

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