Can You Make Money Selling Custom Shirts in Kansas City?

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Shopping

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There are some creative individuals who are making money selling their custom shirts in Kansas City. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to create a concept and bring it to people. A creative person can come up with a unique saying and have a custom shirt made. They can then sell that shirt and make money.

Finding A Provider

Before a person starts selling their custom shirts in Kansas City, they have to find a provider. A business that can make the shirts for them without it costing too much. They will need a provider who doesn’t have any problem bringing an idea to life. Naturally, some providers are easier to work with than others. Finding a good company to work with is an important step. Reliability and quality are the main concerns. Contact us to get help with making a unique shirt that can sell.


Once a provider has been found, it’s time to market the shirt. The easiest way to market these days is by using the Internet. Social media is the best place to get started with marketing. It’s easy to network via social media, but a person looking to sell shirts has to remember that networking requires a consistent effort. It means engaging people on their social media pages and creating content daily. Building a following takes time, so a person has to be patient while marketing their shirts.

Wearing The Shirts

One of the best ways to create buzz is to have people wear shirts that are being made. Giving away shirts to family and friends can help with marketing. If the seller happens to know someone with a large following on social media, they can try to persuade that person to wear the shirt. Sometimes, paid promotions are worth it because they can get a person’s social media followers to buy the shirt.

There are plenty of people who are selling shirts online and making money. When a person decides to sell shirts, they have to be persistent. They can’t give up. It can take some time to get noticed. But if the shirts start selling, it’s possible to make a nice profit.

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