Buy A Retainer Nose Ring for When You Need It!

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Jewelry, Shopping

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For whatever reason you decided to get your nose pierced there likely will be times when you do not necessarily want to display the piercing, a retainer nose ring is ideal for those times. A retainer nose ring is a great way to disguise the piercing when you are in a situation when you do not want it to show.

The Happy Medium

You can be the rebel that you want to be without putting up a public fight over it. For example, slipping in a retainer on your way to a job interview is no harm and no foul. You get to make a great impression without having to give up your piercing. Other situations where a “no body jewelry showing rule” may be in place is:

  • In school
  • At conservative family gatherings like weddings or funerals
  • At work

While body jewelry is a great form of self-expression it is still not quite mainstream. When you are going for that job that you really want, it is far easier to slip in a retainer than to do battle with management over accepting you based on your qualifications and not your appearance. You can have that fight after you get the job. Some schools (typically high schools) have a no body jewelry showing policy, sure you can duke it out with the school board, but it is easier to just do your time and graduate without incidence. A retainer is a great go between. It allows you to keep your piercing while you get what you need in life.

Shop for Retainers

If you have a nose piercing, it is a good idea to shop for retainers before you need them. Keep them on hand, just in case. has a great selection.

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