6 Tips to Better Cake Pops Out of Your Kitchen

by | Jan 19, 2018 | Online Shopping, Shopping

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Whether it’s a birthday, celebration of sorts or a get-together at your home, serving cake pops can be quite a treat. If yours keep turning into lumpy disasters, though, here are a few expert-approved tips to help you turn things around:

Stock up on supplies

It’s easy to make cake pops. That’s what makes it such a fantastic addition to your party feast. You can always make icing and cake from scratch. All you’ll need is to stock up on the necessary ingredients and you can whip out cake pops out of your kitchen at any time.

Make it easier

Instead of rolling each of those by hand, make your life easier by picking out a cake pop pan. That’s going to save you time and effort. Be sure to shop for a high-quality one so it’s going to last you longer.

Don’t overfill the pan

Make sure you only fill ¾ of the cups in the pan. Otherwise, the pan will overflow. That’s going to mean extra work for you since you’ll need to trim the edges to get the perfect round shape.

Wait for the cake pops to cool

Don’t try to remove the cakes from the cake pop pan until they’re completely cool, says the Yuppie Chef. If you do, that’s one reason why the pops keep breaking on you. Leave the pops and pan alone until it cools off.

Dip the stick in chocolate coating

Before you put in the stick, dip it in a little chocolate coating. Candy Melts can work just as well too. The chocolate coating works like a glue and will keep your cake pops from falling off the stick.

Dip the pops

Dip the pops halfway into the melt then cover the rest with a spoon. If you swirling it in chocolate, the cake might fall off. Decorate as the pops dry. That’s it. You’re done!

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