Spruce Up Your Wine Gift with a Personalized Label

Wine Gifts

Giving wine as a gift has been a mainstay throughout history. Unfortunately, it is also pictured as one of the most thoughtless, as one can just pick it up on the way to the party. If you want to give wine as a gift, personalizing the bottle with a custom label is one way that you can give this universal treat without seeming mundane. The website offers labels as low as .99 and has some of the largest labels on the market. There are many designs to choose from so that you can give your wine, while speaking to the heart of the recipient. Choose from designs for flower lovers, dog owners, ocean frequenters and much more!

Wedding Décor

When it comes to your dream wedding everything has to be perfect, down to last detail. Wine is drank at nearly every wedding, but with personalized labels your wine will be part of the décor and set your theme apart from all the rest. You can pick your colors, flowers and text to perfectly incorporate every bottle your guests see and drink into your wedding. It may even be nice to have a bottle on ice at each table so that the personalized bottle does double duty as an elegant place setting. This will save you both time and money without sacrificing elegance on your big day. After the big day, keep one or more of the bottles and recycle them as vases so that you always have a part of your big day around your home.

Bachelorette Parties

What better way to celebrate a night with the girls before your big day than with wine? But take it a step further and the wine becomes an integral part of the party and its decorations. You can get really creative and make the bottles a smash hit by adorning the labels with the bride-to-be’s favorite colors and items such as shoes, flowers, animals or whatever you want really. Pick one saying for every bottle, or each girl in attendance can have her own bottle with her name on it. This way the girls can take the bottle home and hold on to that memory forever.

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