How to Get Equipped to Bowl a Whole Season

Bowling is the number one recreational sport for many Americans, combining athletic prowess with indoor fun, competition, social interaction and food – all under one roof. For those who bowl more than just once in a while, it doesn’t take long to understand that certain gear is necessary in order to really get into the sport.

Men in particular may want to invest in a few items in order to be prepared for practice sessions, games and tournaments for an entire season. Unlike those who only play the occasional recreational game, male bowling team members need to go the extra mile in order to keep up with their competition. For example, any male bowler who plays weekly needs his own bowling ball, men’s bowling shoes, gloves, bag, tape for adjustments and other accessories. Using men’s bowling shoes or balls rented from the alley doesn’t cut it when you participate in competitive seasons.

For one thing, the house bowling balls are usually made of cheaper material and do not grip the lane as well as higher-quality balls. In general, plastic doesn’t provide enough friction to make important turns and will cause fewer pins to fall. Having your own personalized ball that fits well and is the right weight can make a world of difference in your score. Plus, you look more competitive with your own bowling ball made of better materials, such as polyurethane.

Renting men’s bowling shoes can also be a hassle if you bowl more than once a week. Investing in a pair of high-quality men’s bowling shoes doesn’t cost much, and having shoes that fit well and that are free of moisture is extremely important to your game. You should also use shoe protectors to keep your men’s bowling shoes dry and clean when you’re not on the lane floor.

Being prepared is everything. It shows that you aren’t just there to make friends and have fun, but that you’re also there to win! Get the accessories you need, such as tape and a pair of scissors to make adjustments, spare balls, men’s bowling shoes, bowling gloves, ball caddies and towels, wrist protectors and other equipment, and you will truly be taken seriously as a serious recreational athlete.

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