Have You Ever Thought About Buying Your Pipe Tobacco From An Online Store?

by | May 8, 2014 | Shopping

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Way back; in what nostalgic people like to call the good old days; pipe smoking was a relatively visible pastime for many people. Those old prints of (usually men) sitting around the fireplace of a tavern with a tankard of ale in one hand and a clay pipe in the other are definitely the stuff for those with a sense of history and tradition. Likewise, we have the same feelings for the countrified image of someone (and here, it might be a women) with a lighted corn cob pipe clamped between their teeth.

When Did Pipe Smoking Go Underground?

Not underground in any illicit sense; but, simply rarely seen in public. This has to be a direct result of legislation that has been introduced over several years to control where, when and by whom tobacco may be smoked. We have reached a point where it has become very hard to find a public place where we can legally light up our pipes and blow volumes of smoke into the air. Without doubt, this protects involuntary bystanders from any effects that they might experience from breathing in the tobacco smoke of others (so called passive or secondary smoking).

These moves were also welcomed by those responsible for janitorial services in public places –a smoke free environment is much easier to keep clean and smelling fresh than a room full of stale pipe smoke. This is something that any hotel manager will readily appreciate. Some smokers may have given up their pipes altogether but; many have kept up their habit without indulging it in public places.

They Still Have Their Pipes; But, How Easy Is It Now To Purchase The Tobacco To Fill Them With?

Although primarily aimed at reducing cigarette consumption; all the various bans on advertising and restrictions on display of tobacco products have made it hard for the old fashioned tobacconist shop (complete with its carved wooden Indian outside the door) to survive on many of today’s main street shopping areas. If it is difficult to buy either pipe tobacco; or, a new pipe to smoke it in (plus all the other pipe smoker’s paraphernalia); many will be tempted; either to give up; or, to switch to smoking something easier to obtain.

The Online Alternative

Possibly the biggest feature that a Pipe Tobacco Online Store can offer the smoker is that they are allowed to openly display their wares over the internet; you can browse their website; either to find your favorite brand; or, simply to see if there is anything available that you might like to try. They even display new pipes and other pipe accessories.


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