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How Oil to Gas Conversion Companies Handle All of Your Energy Needs

In recent years natural gas has become more affordable. As a result, many homeowners are interested in converting oil heating systems to natural gas. Businesses such as First Choice Heating and Cooling Experts are not only oil to gas conversion companies, but offer a range of services to meet New Jersey’s energy needs. These include:

CONVERSIONS: The cost of natural gas is currently about 40-60% of oil prices. Many customers look for oil to gas conversion companies because they want to reduce energy bills, while others convert because they want to sell, and buyers are more attracted to gas heat. First Choice Heating and Cooling Experts’ technicians consult with these clients, and walk them through the conversion process. With more than 90 years of experience, they are able to provide an expert site evaluation that includes gas meter, oil tank, and chimney. Professionals present customers with options, and will install new equipment. They also ensure that all township inspections are performed.

COOLING: First Choice Heating and Cooling Experts HVAC professionals can evaluate homes for energy efficiency, and recommend solutions to reduce utility costs. These may include repairs, maintenance, or installing new systems. Professionals can offer ductless air conditioning, which saves space, is more attractive than ductwork, and can be customized for unique areas, such as workshops our add-on apartments. HVAC technicians also check air quality, which can deteriorate due to trapped dust mites, mold, pet hair, and more. They may recommend duct cleaning, UV lights, or other methods to purify indoor air. Technicians will complete any paperwork that entitles clients to energy rebates.

GENERATORS: First Choice Heating and Cooling Experts can recommend and install a variety of generators that will provide energy in the event of power failures. These are especially important for medical needs, businesses, and maintaining refrigeration. In some cases, electricity is needed to run sump pumps, and maintain a water supply. Experts can install GE, Generac, Briggs & Stratton, and Honeywell models in sizes customized for client needs. They provide all needed permits, installation, and financing. Technicians can also repair generators.

New Jersey residents rely on energy professionals to convert oil heating system to gas, care for HVAC needs, and provide generator services. Their services help customers lower utility bills, help conserve natural resources, enjoy more comfortable homes, and access emergency power.

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