There Are Different Types Of Wine Glasses

All wine glasses are not the same although they all follow a basic standard. Plain or imprinted wine glasses have the shape of a tulip; they have a base which allows them to stand upright, a stem and a bulb. The stem is used to hold the glass as your body heat will not travel to the wine and the distinctive bulb shape is there to allow maximum enjoyment of aroma and taste. Different parts of the mouth are sensitive to different tastes; the glass design directs the wine to that part of the mouth that will allow for maximum enjoyment.

There are plenty of different Imprinted Wine Glasses but in normal circumstances only four are needed and commonly used. A glass designed for red wine is considerably larger and taller; this allows the wine to be appreciated in the fullest.

There are two types of glasses that one should have that are for red wine; Bordeaux and a Burgundy glass. The Bordeaux glass has a wider bulb; this allows the more full bodied wines; Merlot or a Cabernet, to breathe and deliver the full aroma to the drinker. A Burgundy glass has a larger bowl again and is an excellent choice for a Pinot Noir wine. This style glass allows the wine to be first tasted with the tongue; the sweetness is easier to taste.

White wine is consumed cool so the glasses are smaller. A young wine which is still crisp is best enjoyed in a glass that has an opening just a little larger than the bulb; this allows the wine to first hit the tip and sides of the tongue. A forth glass that most wine drinkers have in the collection is a Champagne flute. With a tall, thin flute, the bubbles accumulate properly. Although not a necessity in a wine drinker’s glass repertoire, there is a glass which is designed for dispensing Rose; it is very similar to a white wine glass but a little smaller with a body diameter just a little larger than a traditional white wine glass.

Only the true connoisseur of wine fully understands the complexities of the wine and the glass it should be served in. Most wine drinkers are quite content with the four basic imprinted wine glasses.


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